Giovanni Michelotti

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[Michelotti] Giovanni Michelotti, 1921-1980

Giovanni Michelotti was the creator of the 2000 design, both in Mk.1 and Mk.2 guise. He opened his own design studio in Torino in 1949, and started by taking on work for other design houses such as Vignale, Bertone and Ghia. In 1957 his connection with Triumph began, ending in the mid 70s.
He had a reputation for working best under tight schedules, and could come up with a sketch for a whole new car in half an hours time.

[Michelotti and his 2000.] WIDTH=413 HEIGHT=247
Michelotti with his personal 2000.

Michelotti served as house designer for Triumph during a long period, being responsible for many other distinctive Triumph designs:

[Michelotti logo]

[Stag prototype] WIDTH=460 HEIGHT=199
The prototype inspiring the Stag as well as the 2000 Mk.2.

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